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T-344, Barnetts Run Road Bridge Replacement

Owner: Bethel Township Project Description:

This project involved the replacement of the existing bridge carrying T-344 (Barnett’s Run Road) over Barnett’s Run in Bethel Township, Fulton County. The existing structure was a single lane concrete slab bridge on reinforced concrete abutments. The proposed structure is a two-lane, precast concrete box culvert having a 22’ curb to curb width, and a clear span of 28-0”. This proposed structure is located in approximately the same location as the existing structure. Safety of the adjoining intersection was increased by widening the structure to accept two lanes of traffic. The chosen structure type for this project pushed the limits for the size of box culverts. By pushing the envelope with this project, we were able to save the township over $150,000, as opposed to the use of a conventional structure.

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