SR 3014, Sec 552 over Little Sandy Creek | Keller Engineers

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SR 3014, Sec 552 over Little Sandy Creek

Owner: PennDOT District 10-0 Project Description:

This project involved the replacement of the existing bridge superstructure carrying SR 3014, Sec 552 over Little Sandy Creek in Worthville Borough, Jefferson County. Located on SR 3014, Sec 552 (Main Street) in the Borough of Worthville, the existing structure was built in 1937. This bridge was a single-span, steel I-beam bridge that was supported on stone masonry gravity abutments with no wingwalls. The total structure length measured from back face of abutment to back face of abutment was 83′-2″. The superstructure replacement is a two lane, composite steel rolled beam superstructure, having a span length of 78′-3″. Existing masonry abutments were utilized. In order to accommodate the new superstructure, the top of the existing abutments and wingwalls were reconstructed. The new structure has a clear roadway width of 28′-0″ and an out-to-out deck width of 31′-0″. An 8″ thick concrete deck was constructed using low density concrete to minimize the dead load to the existing masonry abutments. Two 4′-0″ shoulders are provided for pedestrian traffic even though there are no existing sidewalks on either side of the existing approach roadways.

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