SR 2011, Sec D10 Over Plum Run | Keller Engineers

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SR 2011, Sec D10 Over Plum Run

Owner: PennDOT District 12-0 Project Description:

This project involved the replacement of the existing functionally obsolete bridge carrying SR 2011, Section D10 (locally known as Martindale Road) over Plum Run in Deemston Borough, Washington County, PA. The new structure is a single-cell, reinforced concrete rigid frame structure having a structure length of approximately 29′-5 1/8″ measured from the back face of the abutment to the back face of the abutment along the bridge centerline. The new bridge is also skew at 53 degrees to the roadway baseline.  This structure has a normal clear span of 21′ – 0″ with a minimum rise of 11′-0″. Two travel lanes will now exist with a clear roadway width of 28′-0″. The project is approximately 300′ in length with 270′ of approach roadway work. During the construction phase of the project, a temporary detour was utilized to reroute local traffic.

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