Sheetz Convenience Stores | Keller Engineers

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Sheetz Convenience Stores

Owner: Sheetz, Inc. Various Locations Project Description:

Keller Engineers’ Structural team designs structural elements for new Sheetz Convenience Stores. Through creative design, use of various materials, and interviews with Sheetz project managers, the cost of new stores has been reduced and two to three weeks of construction time has been eliminated. Additional structural project work includes the design of structural elements for additions and analysis of existing structures for modified loads.

Responsibilities of Keller Engineers’ site/civil team include site design, construction drawings, stormwater management calculations, erosion control, permit preparation, driveway and parking plans, landscape plan, and coordination of land development approvals.

Several new Sheetz stores have been constructed in close proximity to an existing store. Design and construction of the new facility are managed and coordinated in a manner that allows continuous operation of the current facility during construction so the new store is operational during demolition.

Keller Engineers’ Structural and Site/Civil teams have completed over 200 Sheetz projects in various locations throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina.

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