UPMC Logan Boulevard


  • Survey
  • Design of all Structural Elements


UPMC, Blair County

Project Details

Keller Engineers’ Structural Engineering Division designed the structural components of this three-story, 91,000 SF medical facility which houses suites for UPMC Medical System, including radiology and imaging services. The structural system is steel frame with stud in-fill, and concrete retaining walls for the partial underground first floor. Also, a mechanical penthouse at the fourth level contains all heating and air conditioning equipment.

The floor and roof systems consist of wide flange beams that are widely spaced with an Epicore metal deck and concrete slab. Using widely spaced beams reduced the number of framing members, thus reducing erection time. The Epicore deck allows mechanical and electrical component, as well as the ceiling, to be hung directly from the deck.


We have teamed with Keller Engineers on several design-build projects for PennDOT. When selecting a designer, the more critical factors are trust and competence, more so than a low price. If your designer makes a mistake in quantities it can cost you a lot of money. We have stayed with Keller Engineers because we trust them to provide competent service at a competitive price.  S. Scott Grannas, Vice President Grannas Bros. Stone & Asphalt Co., Inc.

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