New Highway – US 219 from Somerset to Meyersdale, PA


  • Establish and supplement horizontal and vertical control for the project area.
  • Field edit and update the topography for the existing base file.
  • Courthouse research to acquire property owner information and deeds of record.
  • Create a property ownership mosaic for use in right-of-way and easement acquisitions.
  • Stake out the required right-of-way limits for use with land-owner field meetings.
  • Right-of-way plan preparation and verification.
  • Provide centerline horizontal references and vertical benchmarks for construction.
  • Stake the proposed centerline of the main alignment and exit/enter ramps.
  • Provide field locations of proposed core borings.
  • As built surveys to determine the size and volume of the detention facilities.


Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), Somerset County

Project Details

As a subconsultant to L.R. Kimball, Keller Engineers provided complete survey services for 11 miles of new, limited-access, four lane highway and two interchanges along US 219 in Somerset County. Construction began at the northern terminus of the Meyersdale Bypass to the southern end of the existing US 219 in Somerset, PA. The new interchanges are located at the northern end of the Meyersdale Bypass, and at Mud Pike Road which provides access to Berlin and Rockwood.


Keller Engineers has been an extremely valuable asset for us in the development/construction of our store sites by providing accurate and timely structural and site development drawings and answers to related questions.  Their response and turn-around time to the Sheetz Store Development Department has been outstanding. We have no hesitation in turning to Keller Engineers for our store structural and site development needs. Joe S. Sheetz, Executive Vice President, Finance & Store Development Sheetz Corporation

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