Foxhead Industrial Park


  • Survey
  • Site Planning, Design, and Layout
  • Site Grading
  • Roadway Extension
  • Sewer and Water Main Extensions
  • Stormwater Management
  • Subdivision Plans


Fox Township Supervisors, Elk County

Project Details

The project included the survey and design to extend the existing roadway, 2,224’ of 6″ PVC water main, and 1,663’ of 8″ PVC sewer main within the 32-acre industrial park.  Drainage improvements were addressed with the design and construction of a sedimentation basin/detention facility with conveyance ditches and piping.

Two acid mine discharges existed on the site at the beginning of the design.  A passive treatment facility was designed to treat the water from its source.  This passive facility also served as a mitigation technique to remove jurisdictional wetlands from within the buildable area of the lots.


Keller Engineers has been an extremely valuable asset for us in the development/construction of our store sites by providing accurate and timely structural and site development drawings and answers to related questions.  Their response and turn-around time to the Sheetz Store Development Department has been outstanding. We have no hesitation in turning to Keller Engineers for our store structural and site development needs. Joe S. Sheetz, Executive Vice President, Finance & Store Development Sheetz Corporation

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