Blue Course Medical


  • Survey
  • Site Planning, Design, and Layout
  • Parking Lot Design
  • Design of ADA Compliant Sidewalks and Curb Ramps
  • Design of Retaining Walls
  • Site Grading
  • Permitting
  • Municipal Coordination
  • Utility Coordination
  • Access Driveway
  • Lighting
  • Landscaping
  • Design of all Structural Elements


Blue Course Medial Realty Associates, LP, Centre County

Project Details

This new three-story, 48,000 SF medical building is designed as partial lease space and suites for Martin & Suhey Orthopedics. Keller Engineers team was responsible for the site and structural engineering.

The partial underground first floor is constructed of large retaining walls, light gauge metal stud infilling, and a steel frame which supports the second and third floors. The roof structure is a pitched roof of metal trusses.

Site work on this 6.7-acre lot included design, utilities, access driveway, lighting, landscaping, and a parking lot with 250 parking stalls.


Keller Engineers is the easiest engineer that our Township has worked with. All their engineers and employees are really friendly and helpful. Karen Cregger, Secretary/Treasurer Southampton Township, Bedford County

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