ALSM Cottages – Blairmont


  • Survey
  • Mapping Control
  • Base Mapping
  • FEMA Flood Elevation
  • Subdivision Plan
  • Site Planning, Design, and Layout
  • Landscape Plan
  • Highway Occupancy Permits
  • Utility Coordination
  • Sewage Facilities Planning
  • Erosion/Sedimentation Control Plans
  • NPDES Permitting
  • Stormwater Management, Analysis, Design, and Permitting
  • Floodplain Investigations
  • Wetland Investigations, Delineation, and Mitigation Plans


Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries, Blair County

Project Details

The project involved construction of 28 mixed single and duplex residential townhouse units, a 3,600 SF community center with recreation areas, and associated stormwater management areas and utility extensions along a boulevard section of private roadway.  The project also included the relocation and replacement of an existing 15’ sanitary sewer main and 12’ water main.

Because of the water and wastewater aspects, coordination of sanitary sewer main relocation with Frankstown Township and water main relocation with Hollidaysburg Borough was necessary.  Storm tank modules for underground stormwater detention within the primary bio retention area were used.


Keller Engineers is the easiest engineer that our Township has worked with. All their engineers and employees are really friendly and helpful. Karen Cregger, Secretary/Treasurer Southampton Township, Bedford County

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