Martin J. Marasco Business Park | Keller Engineers

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Martin J. Marasco Business Park

Owner: ABCD Corporation Project Description:

The Martin J. Marasco Business Park started out as the expansion of Walter Business Park to the south side of Sheetz Way. Keller Engineers’ Land Development and Survey team provided survey, design, and construction inspection for 2,300′ of new Township roadway within the park. Utility main extensions including sewer, water, gas, telephone, electric, and cable and drainage improvements to develop a 114-acre site for future development were responsibilities of Keller Engineers. Additionally, a 10-acre shovel ready pad site was developed to attract potential tenants. Drainage improvements included constructed wetland and bio-retention facilitates to control stormwater runoff rate and volume and to improve water quality.

Project Uniqueness/Challenges:

The most challenging aspect of this project was obtaining the permit. FEMA revised the floodplain maps after design was under way which resulted in the wetlands being reclassified as Exceptional Value (EV). This change made permitting wetland impacts far more difficult. Once permits were obtained, ABCD Corporation had Keller Engineers make a major modification to the NPDES Permit so they could better utilize the available grant money.

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