Loyalsock Creek Bridge | Keller Engineers

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Loyalsock Creek Bridge (LVRR Bridge No. 195/68)

Owner: CEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority (JRA) Project Description:

Located on the Lycoming Valley Railroad between Montoursville and Williamsport, this structure replaced an 85 year old bridge, that was heavily damaged by Tropical Storm Lee in September of 2011.

The new three-span, 474′ long steel bridge was designed to withstand frequent flooding on Loyalsock Creek by increasing the waterway opening by 50% and supporting the concrete foundation on steel piles driven to bedrock. The three-span configuration was selected to minimize the number of piers within the creek and to permit construction beneath overhead transmission lines at the site. Additional work performed included 1,700′ of track realignment and construction, rehabilitation of an adjacent two-span deck girder bridge, one at-grade crossing, one turn-out, and various utility relocations.

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