Lake Raystown Resort Conference Center | Keller Engineers

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Lake Raystown Resort Conference Center

Owner: RRP, Inc. Project Description:

The 20,000 SF Lake Raystown Resort Conference Center, located in Entriken, PA, is a rustic two-story structure constructed on a steep hillside overlooking Lake Raystown. The interior features a 4,000 SF two-story ballroom with exposed wood beam trusses and large windows that look onto the outside terrace and lake. Keller Engineers’ responsibilities included the site/civil and structural design, and construction administration of the lake-side conference center.

Keller Engineers was responsible for the design of all structural elements including steel, masonry, concrete and timber beams, walls, floors, roofs, and foundations. Additionally, Keller Engineers Land Development team designed the parking areas, driveways, utility extensions, and post construction stormwater management facilities, including rain gardens and bio-retention basins.

Lake Raystown Resort is a privately operated lease located within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Raystown Project Recreational Area; therefore, coordination with the U.S. Army Corps was required.

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