Laguna Splash Limited | Keller Engineers

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Laguna Splash Limited

Owner: Laguna Splash Limited Project Description:

Laguna Splash Limited in Tipton, PA is an expansion of the Tipton Waterworks and Rapids Park that is currently located in DelGrosso’s Amusement Park. This Italian themed waterpark expansion features a lazy river that holds 328,123 gallons of water, has a water surface area of 22,070 SF, is 2.4’ deep, and is 1,178 LF long. There is also a wave pool that holds 311,500 gallons of water, has a water surface area of 14,604 SF, and is zero entry to 6’ deep. Additionally, there are new food vendors, restrooms, and a water fountain.

Keller Engineers’ Land Development team was responsible for creating the Land Development Plan, including permitting for the storm water design, erosion and sedimentation control plan, two Highway Occupancy Permits, township approvals, and coordination with the design teams from multiple firms.

The waterpark had to consider space as a limited factor in order to blend together the storm water design. Dual purpose areas were necessary. Stormwater management facilities were designed in slight depressions and sodded which allows park guests to sunbath on lounge chairs within the facility.

Due to the expansion of the water park, there is a maze of different utilities that serve various other facilities and attractions throughout the waterpark, amusement park, and DelGrosso Foods, located directly beside Laguna Splash Limited. Interruption of service had to be considered and minimized.


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