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Carnegie Equipment

Owner: Carnegie Equipment Project Description:

Carnegie Equipment constructed a new 16,000 SF showroom and office facility, and converted their existing building to warehouse space. Keller Engineers was responsible for site-civil design and permitting, including layout, grading, stormwater management erosions and sedimentation control, utility coordination, landscaping plan, and highway occupancy permits for the driveways.

Project Uniqueness/Challenges:

  • The site contained approximately 300’ of paved frontage which had to be revised to create two distinct driveway entrances to comply with PennDOT’s standards.
  • Because finished floor elevation (FFE) is below the base flood elevation, the existing building is located inside a floodplain; therefore, the new addition could not be structurally connected to the existing building. The new building was designed to float along the face of the existing building.
  • Stormwater discharge was originally proposed to cross 6th Avenue and discharge to a stream culvert; however, a 36” diameter bore pipe under the road would have been needed. During the design process, the basin discharge pipe was re-routed through the neighboring Penelec substation property, which required an easement through the First Energy corporate office.
  • GP-4 was needed for direct pipe discharge to the stream.
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