Captain Michael McGuire Memorial Park | Keller Engineers

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Captain Michael McGuire Memorial Park

Owner: Saint Francis University Project Description:

The Captain Michael McGuire Memorial Park at Saint Francis University in Loretto Borough, PA has features such as a walking path, fitness stations, an outdoor classroom, playground equipment, picnic tables, grills, benches, and bike racks.

Keller Engineers was responsible for designing the park master plan, which includes future wetland boardwalks and hiking trails that connect to the Saint Francis University campus. Keller staff assisted with a DCNR grant application and prepared construction drawings for Phase I of the project, which is the park proper. Services included layout, grading, stormwater management calculations, NPDES stormwater permitting, vault toilet privy permitting, bidding, and construction management.

McGuire Park was designed and constructed to convey the story of Michael McGuire, the first settler and founder of modern-day Loretto. The site will also be used by Saint Francis for environmental education, wellness education, and stewardship training.

Project Uniqueness/Challenges:

  • Partnership between Loretto Borough and Saint Francis University for DCNR funding
  • Joint permit for future boardwalk permitting
  • Site design containing a number of “green” elements including rain gardens, previous pavers, and furniture with recycled plastic components
Project Photos: (click on thumbnails to view larger images)