Brownstown Borough | Keller Engineers

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Brownstown Borough

Owner: Brownstown Borough Project Description:

Brownstown Borough’s wastewater flows to the Johnstown Redevelopment Authority’s wastewater treatment facility. All municipalities whose wastewater is treated by the authority’s plant were required by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to eliminate infiltration and inflow (I/I) from their collection systems. The I/I was causing hydraulic overload conditions at the wastewater treatment facility.

Brownstown’s project began with a study which involved television inspection, smoke testing, and cost analysis. It was determined that the most efficient, cost effective solution was to build a new wastewater collection system, rather than to repair and rehabilitate the existing system.

Discussions with PennVEST and DEP allowed for the construction of new wastewater laterals to be constructed to within 4’ of structures. The property owners were then required to connect and pressure test the piping connected to the new system. The old laterals (some with floor and roof drains) were permitted to remain in place and, along with the old collection system, became part of the Borough’s stormwater system.

The new 20,000 LF collection system and laterals (for the system’s 310 customers) resulted in a very tight collection system meeting all required standards; even heavy rain storms had no impact on the continuously measured wastewater flows. A DEP representative stated that this system is the model for other communities to follow.

Keller Engineers’ was responsible for preparing the PennVEST funding application and subsequent grant management, survey, project design, preparation of bid documents and specifications, permitting, bidding, construction oversight, and construction inspection.

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