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Bedford Heritage Trail

Owner: Bedford Joint Municipal Authority Project Description:

Phase I: The purpose of Phase I was to investigate funding alternatives, prepare and submit funding applications, develop a feasibility study, and prepare a preliminary trail design connecting Downtown Bedford Borough to the Omni Bedford Springs Resort.

Phase II: The purpose of Phase II was to design and construct a pedestrian trail connecting the Borough of Bedford to the Omni Bedford Springs Resort. This shared-use trail is approximately 5,900’ long, 10’ wide, and is comprised of 4” thick driving surface aggregate on 6” of sub-base. There are two structures crossing Shober’s Run. Both structures are single-span prefabricated truss bridges on reinforced concrete abutments and wing walls. Bridge 1 has a span length of approximately 75’ with a curb-to-curb width of 12′. Bridge 2 has a span length of approximately 90’ with a curb-to-curb width of 6′.

The trail is designed to meet ADA compliance requirements and the bridge abutment finish had to match the retaining wall and old stone mill to receive approval from the Pennsylvania Historic Museum Commission. A switchback design was used in order to minimize the grade.


Project Photos: (click on thumbnails to view larger images)