Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Facility | Keller Engineers

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Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Facility

Owner: Fox Township Supervisors Project Description:

Two acid mine discharges existed on this site at the beginning of the design. In order to mitigate impacts to jurisdictional wetlands that would result from the construction of the Foxhead Industrial Park Phase II, a passive treatment facility was designed to treat this water from its source. Successive alkalinity productions system (SAPS) were proposed to be constructed at the start of the system. This will be followed by a settling pond, which will then flow through two constructed wetlands. The system accepts abandoned mine drainage at a very low pH (3.0) and at the system outfall the pH has been increased to approximately 6.8. The system has been in operation for approximately seven years and has required minimal maintenance.

Fox Township employees constructed the system and oversee the operation and maintenance. They routinely monitor the pH of water entering the system and pH as it exits, to insure the system is operating properly.

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