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About Us

Keller Engineers, Inc. founded in 1991 by Joseph G. Keller, PE, provides client-focused civil and structural engineering and surveying services to public and private sector clients. We specialize in transportation, water and wastewater, land development, environmental, energy, and structural engineering. We also provide geographic information systems (GIS), construction inspection and construction management, and grant writing services.

Our firm is comprised of approximately 60 employees – professional engineers, registered land surveyors, registered landscape architects, scientists, designers, engineering technicians, GIS analysts, surveying technicians, construction inspectors, and a professional administrative staff.

We are committed to providing the highest quality services available through maintaining excellent staff, purchasing state-of-the-art equipment, utilizing the latest drafting and engineering programs and techniques, and providing employees with professional training opportunities.

Keller Engineers is structured to be client focused. We offer comprehensive design solutions to accommodate the most difficult conditions, and represent the client’s interest by performing value-engineering design so projects are within the client’s construction budget and schedule. We rely on our client’s input, knowing that it is vital to the success of their project.

Our staff members work closely with our clients during all phases of their project to ensure that the client obtains their desired end product. Our approach of project-centered rather than profit-centered engineering provides our clients with experienced engineers and technical personnel dedicated to achieving a successful end product.