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SR 26 Section A03 Whiterock Quarry Track

Owner: SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority Project Description:

This project in Spring Township, Centre County included preliminary engineering, final design, and construction services for a new bridge. The project included a 100′ P/S concrete spread box beam bridge on SR 26, 1420′ of roadway improvements to SR 26, 1440′ temporary roadway, 500′ quarry entrance relocation, 4200′ new rail spur, and 1500′ new rail siding. Rail siding provided a critical connection for the Whiterock Quarry to the Nittany and Bald Eagle Line. Siding, which passes under SR 26, was put on a narrow vacant lot between existing businesses. Several utilities were impacted, including electrical, natural gas, and sanitary sewer. A pump station was designed in order to reroute sewer beneath the rail siding.

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