St. Mary’s Covered Bridge


  • Survey
  • Base Mapping
  • Utility Coordination
  • Historic Preservation
  • Permitting
  • Preliminary and Final Design for Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Preliminary and Final Design Roadway/Highway - Rehabilitation
  • Preliminary and Final Design Roadway/Highway - Safety improvements
  • Traffic Control
  • Erosion Control/NPDES Permitting


Huntingdon County Commissioners, Huntingdon County

Project Details

Huntingdon County Bridge No. 8 (known as St. Mary’s Covered Bridge) is located on Covered Bridge Road over Shade Creek in Cromwell Township.

This project involved the rehabilitation and preservation of the only remaining covered bridge in Huntingdon County. Repair and stabilization of the existing bridge components, with a focus on maintaining the historic character of this bridge, made up the general scope for this project. The repairs were made using in-kind materials and detailing similar to the original structure.

Preserving the original character of the structure while replacing deteriorated members made this project challenging. An interesting component of this project was preparing the main truss components by chipping and sanding paint while preserving the carved graffiti which in some instances was very old.


We have teamed with Keller Engineers on several design-build projects for PennDOT. When selecting a designer, the more critical factors are trust and competence, more so than a low price. If your designer makes a mistake in quantities it can cost you a lot of money. We have stayed with Keller Engineers because we trust them to provide competent service at a competitive price.  S. Scott Grannas, Vice President Grannas Bros. Stone & Asphalt Co., Inc.

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