Route US 40 Woodstown Intersection Improvements


  • On-site Project Construction Inspection
  • Provide Resident Engineer with On-site Technical Support
  • Respond to Contractor Correspondence
  • Oversight of Quality Assurance/Quality Control Procedures
  • Prepare Inspection Reports
  • Respond to Requests for Work Orders and As-Builts
  • Review Equal Employment Opportunity Documentation
  • Review Certified Payrolls (for prime and subconsultants)
  • Provide Resident Engineer with Quantities for Monthly Payment Vouchers
  • Final Inspection
  • Resolution of Punch-list Activities
  • Prepare Closeout Documentation


New Jersey Department of Transportation

Project Details

Keller Engineers administered the inspection, reporting, and acceptance of this Federally-funded roadway resurfacing, restoration and rehabilitation of Route US 40. Project is 0.49 miles in length and encompasses the eastbound and westbound directions.


It is my pleasure and honor to acknowledge the relationship that Remington & Vernick Engineers, Inc. has developed with Keller Engineers of New Jersey, LLC. I’d like to share one experience that RVE has had with Keller regarding our Camden City ADA Ramp Improvement Project. The inspector was well versed in various areas of construction. The attention to detail that he demonstrated on as-builts, and recordkeeping were excellent, and he was very knowledgeable with meeting all ADA requirements. He developed a great working relationship with both our resident inspector and construction manager, which alleviated many forms of miscommunication which may occur in the field. Joseph R. Ragusa, PE Senior Associate Department Head Infrastructure CM/CI Remmington & Vernick Engineers, Inc.

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