Penns Valley Elementary School Site Improvements


  • Survey
  • Base Mapping
  • Site Planning, Design, and Layout
  • Highway Occupancy Permit
  • Municipal Reviews
  • Erosion/Sedimentation Control Plans
  • Stormwater Management, Analysis, Design, and Permitting
  • Sidewalk Design
  • ADA compliant Curbs and Ramps
  • Pavement Markings
  • Signage


Penns Valley Area School District, Centre County

Project Details

This project consisted of improvements to the 2.5-acre Penns Valley Elementary/Intermediate school parking lot including widening the access driveway and full depth pavement reconstruction in some areas.


We have teamed with Keller Engineers on several design-build projects for PennDOT. When selecting a designer, the more critical factors are trust and competence, more so than a low price. If your designer makes a mistake in quantities it can cost you a lot of money. We have stayed with Keller Engineers because we trust them to provide competent service at a competitive price.  S. Scott Grannas, Vice President Grannas Bros. Stone & Asphalt Co., Inc.

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