Lutheran Commons at Pleasant Gap


  • Survey
  • Site Planning, Design, and Layout
  • Landscape Plan
  • Parking Lots
  • Street/Driveway Access
  • Sidewalks
  • Lighting
  • Utility Extensions
  • Stormwater Management


Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries, Centre County

Project Details

Lutheran Commons is a Department of Housing and Urban Development approved senior housing apartment complex.   The project involved design and construction of a 12,500 SF apartment building containing 14-units, associated parking lot, street/driveway access, walkways, utility extensions, and stormwater management facilities.  Three (3) rain gardens were designed to manage the site’s stormwater.

The project also included the site design to construct a 954 SF garage to be used for storage of maintenance vehicles and equipment.  Additional development included associated access driveways, sidewalks, and infiltration sumps to address the small increase in impervious area.


Keller Engineers is the easiest engineer that our Township has worked with. All their engineers and employees are really friendly and helpful. Karen Cregger, Secretary/Treasurer Southampton Township, Bedford County

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