Flintstone Creek Bridge


  • Survey
  • Easement Right-of-Way Plans
  • Base Mapping
  • Courthouse Research
  • Utility Coordination
  • Hydrology and Hydraulics
  • Drainage Design
  • Permitting
  • Preliminary and Final Design of Replacement Bridge
  • Preliminary and Final Design Roadway/Highway
  • Rehabilitation
  • Safety improvements
  • Traffic Control
  • Erosion Control/NPDES Permitting


Southampton Township, Bedford County

Project Details

This project involved the replacement of an existing bridge carrying Flintstone Creek Road over Flintstone Creek. The old single lane, two-span bridge was replaced with a two-lane, single span prestressed concrete spread box beam bridge. Constructed in approximately the same location as the old bridge, the new structure is 50.05’ in length and has a clear span of 46.95’ along the bridge centerline.  The bridge lies on a 75-degree skew creating a normal clear span of 45.35’. A temporary roadway was used during construction to maintain traffic around the work zone.

Additionally, 405’-0” of approach roadway work was associated with this project.  The approach roadways are 18’-0” wide including 2’-0” effective shoulders on each side.



Keller Engineers has been an extremely valuable asset for us in the development/construction of our store sites by providing accurate and timely structural and site development drawings and answers to related questions.  Their response and turn-around time to the Sheetz Store Development Department has been outstanding. We have no hesitation in turning to Keller Engineers for our store structural and site development needs. Joe S. Sheetz, Executive Vice President, Finance & Store Development Sheetz Corporation

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